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Comprehensive Cleaning Management Software for Workloading, Analyzing and Managing 

Our premier product, this comprehensive workloading software incorporates all the analysis, management and reporting tools needed to build a cleaning plan, work the plan, measure the results, and continually improve. Available as both a stand-alone application or with Breeze-Online.

NEW! Utilize APPA tasks, matrixes, and cleanliness levels to measure cleaning effectiveness

Create a Workloading Plan to fit your needs, using APPA standards, ISSA time standards, or customized standards

Schedule and assign cleaning tasks for each area of the building

Easily reassign tasks to alternate job number/employees for vacations, absences, shift changes or permanent changes

Analyze staffing, productivity, equipment, and cost cutting options

Measure compliance with inspections on a PDA or on a Pocket PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, or web app with breeze-online

Create Work Orders, performance reports, and training manuals for ISO 9001:2008 documentation

Identify individual and departmental training needs to improve quality, increase safety, and decrease workers compensation cases

Ensure clear expectations by creating employee-specific instruction manuals including daily task lists, task photographs and instructions, and facility specific rules and regulations

Capture employee training, work history, grievances and more in one place

Do "What if" scenario testing. For example,

  • What is the labor saving or cost associated with new equipment?
  • How can I reduce the budget by "X"%?
  • How will making these changes impact FTEs?
  • How will adding this cleaning task impact the budget?
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